Alice in Manhattan


Hundreds of versions of my father’s favorite book, Alice in Wonderland, line my parents’ house, in addition to Alice paintings, sculptures, chess sets, teapots, stuffed animals, and other items from around the world. When Father’s Day or my father’s birthday approaches, my brother and I search through stores for some sort of Alice- themed piece he might enjoy as a gift. If we can’t find one, we create our own.

Last year, I was inspired to join his love of Lewis Carroll’s classic with a visual representation of my favorite city, New York.

Included in this volume are over 60 photographs of New York, each related to a different Alice passage. I illustrated the book this way because photography has been important to my family for several generations. My grandfather was a professional portrait photographer and my grandmother was a colorist. My father, an amateur travel photographer, decorated the house with a gallery’s worth of National Geographic-like stills that he shot during his international business trips and family vacations. Following in their path, I am proud to call myself a professional photographer and filmmaker.

This book pushed me to explore New York and remain alert at all times in case the perfect image crossed my path or appeared in my periphery. As someone who often struggles to stay present amongst a whirlwind of day dreams, I was happy to discover that photography forced me out of my own head so I could explore life’s rabbit holes. It is my hope that Alice in Manhattan will inspire others to do the same.

-Dan Hirshon
Alice in Manhattan